I’d like to thank Smith Commons for giving me a reason to post this awesome infomercial from Dogfish Head for their Randall the Enamel Animal Jr. First watch the video, which actually made me do an old school LOL (no small feat), then read the rest of the post.

Anyway, now that you’ve got your jollies in, I bet you’re wondering where you can get a Randall, Jr. Well, try before you buy, folks. Smith Commons will be debuting the Randall, Jr. tomorrow, Saturday, April 21 out on their patio. The event runs from 5-7pm and will feature a bunch of non-standard Dogfish beers, including: Palo Santo Marron, Olde School Barleywine, Fort, My Antonia, and Saison Du Buff.

Can’t make it tomorrow? Or you can and that’s not enough fun for one weekend?

Well, on Sunday, April 22, join Long Trail for an Earth Day event out on the patio that will feature a bunch of beers out of their portfolio, including: Blackberry Wheat, Belgian Wheat, Double Bag, Coffee Stout.

But that, as they say in the infomercial, is not all.


On Monday, join Smith Commons, DC Beer Week’s Teddy Folkman, and a bunch of other members of the #DCBrews community for an informal get-together to chat about the local beer scene, hoist some Ommegang pints, and have some of Teddy’s food.

Good times all around. Smith Commons’ address, which you’ll have memorized by the end of this weekend, is 1245 H Street NE.

Cheers and have a good weekend everyone!