Lagunitas makes a number of beers that could variously be described as “dank.” Well, they’ve taken that aroma profile and gone a few steps further in honor of Friday, April 20, which is at the end of the week.

Unbeknownst to me, 4/20 apparently comes from two brothers with the last name Waldo, “the Waldo Brothers,” if you will, who are from Marin County, California. Lagunitas contacted these guys and had them come out to brew a beer.

The Waldos, of course, selected hops that had aromatic properties that reminded them a substance that was very familiar to them. The beer came in at 8.75% (which means that, yes, this is another strong American Ale from Lagunitas). This beer will be the stickiest of the icky if the Waldos and Lagunitas have anything to say about it.

This is the first time that Waldo Special Ale will be released outside of California. The DC area has 14 kegs, and they will all be tapped on April 20 at 4:20pm, except for American Ice Company, as they do not open until 5. That keg will be tapped one on California time at 7:20pm.

Here are the venues that will have the Waldo!