Banner Image courtesy of Flickr User: LuckyWhiteGirl

As you may have heard, the Anacostia is polluted. But did you know that you could help clean it up just by drinking beer? It’s true. Come to Franklins Brewpub in Hyattsville, MD on Monday, April 16, order what you’d like, and tell your server you’re there to support the Anacostia Watershed Society. Twenty (20, 2-0) percent of your tab will go toward cleanup, fundraising, and outreach efforts for this organization.

But wait, there’s more! Franklins has also brewed up a special ale for the occasion: Anacostia Amber Ale. But Jake, doesn’t Franklins already have a red ale, Rubber Chicken Red? Yes, but Rubber Chicken is an Irish-style red, while Anacostia Amber Ale is an American amber, with a bit more hop bitterness to it. Better yet, try them both, side by side. What does an amber ale have to do with the Anacostia? Besides alliteration, do you really want to drink a beer that tastes like the river? Perhaps one “dry-hopped” with plastic bags (though less so since the 5 cent bag fee was instituted)? Didn’t think so. So please visit Franklins (now on twitter!), have a beer, and help save the planet.

To learn more about improving the Anacostia, please see the 2011 State of the Anacostia River report.