Given that this site is devoted to the promulgation and promotion of beer, chances are slim that you, dear reader, suffer from celiac disease, the malevolent affliction in which wheat, barley, rye, and (possibly) oats are off-limits.  But if you or a loved one are, in fact, gluten-intolerant — or if you just like good-tasting stuff — Birch and Barley has got you covered.

On Monday, April 9, the trio of executive chef Kyle Bailey, pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac, and beer director Greg Engert are whipping up something special for all the celimaniacs out there: a five-course, gluten-free dinner with special cider pairings.

Neighborhood Restaurant Group describes the dinner thusly:

Inspired by the cider houses of Spain, where the art of pairing cider with food is a great culinary tradition, Chef Bailey has created a five-course menu with dishes such as cod omelet; corn pasta with braised tripe, fava bean shoots and chickpeas; and grilled flank steak with poached quail egg and roasted red peppers, along with gluten free breads and desserts from Pastry Chef Tiffany MacIsaac.

During the meal nine ciders from all over the world will be poured. Greg’s selections range from standout cider houses such as Slyboro Cider and Eden Cider, which will be making their DC debut, and international ciders like Sarasola Sagardoa from the Basque region, to fantastic local ciders made by Diane Flynt of Foggy Ridge.

Things kick off at 7pm. The five-course nine-cider dinner costs $73, excluding tax and tip; call (202) 567-2576 for reservations. Enjoy your special night out at, for one night only, Birch & Not Barley!