Sour beers are mystifying, endlessly complex think pieces, layered compositions evoking long-forgotten memories and implacable emotions.  Utterly singular and decidedly offbeat, not everyone appreciates them, but for those who do, nothing can rival their depth and character. They’re the David Lynch of beers.

Once the purview of only a small number of old school European breweries, sours are being wholeheartedly embraced by American brewers seeking new boundaries of flavor; two of the best are New Belgium and Allagash, craft powerhouses who pride themselves on constantly pushing the envelope.

On Monday, March 26th from 6-7 pm, Meridian Pint brings them together for a night they’re calling “New Belgium & Allagash Brewing Present Sour Beers: A Journey from Oak to Package”. Lauren Salazar, Master Blender at New Belgium, will lead a one-hour tutorial on blending, barrel-aging, and fruited sour beers while you sip on eleven 2 oz. pours of the breweries’ best.

Everyone who attends the private ticketed event will have first dibs on 4 oz. pours of whatever beer is left before it’s made available to the general public – and it’s just $20 for the beer, tax, and gratuity.

Here’s what you’ll be drinking:

New Belgium La Folie
New Belgium Eric’s Ale
New Belgium Tart Lychee (Test Batch #4)
New Belgium Imperial Berliner Weisse
New Belgium Kick
New Belgium Clutch
New Belgium Vrienden
Allagash Vrienden
Allagash Victor – 2011 vintage
Allagash Victoria – 2011 vintage
Allagash Old HLT

Pucker up.

Tickets @ Meridian