Many luminaries have been buried at sea: jazz legend Stan Getz, explorer Sir Edmund Hillary, director and professional silhouette model Alfred Hitchcock. Heck, even the “King of Cool” himself, Steve McQueen, rests in watery repose.

It is with these people not at all in mind that Jeff Hancock and Brandon Skall of DC Brau and Stephen Jones of Baltimore’s Oliver Ales have teamed up to create Burial at Sea, a low ABV red mild made with a clean American yeast and English hops and malt. The dynamic duo brewed 7 bbls up in Oliver’s open-top vessels and 30 bbls in DC Brau’s closed-tops, then sealed up the suds in casks, kegs, and cans for your enjoyment. They even commissioned Eyespeak Tattoos to design this sweet logo to grace tees and tap handles.

The Oliver crew is making the trek down for Burial’s DC release this Thursday, March 8 at Meridian Pint, where they’ll be pouring “multiple cask and draft” options. Anglophiles, prepare yourselves.