Perhaps “on the block” isn’t exactly accurate, but there is a new brewery coming to the NoVA area. In 2013, get ready to welcome Adroit Theory Brewing Company to the area’s booming craft brewery scene. This may not be your typical brewery, however. If you’re looking for a prototypical brewery with the usual lineup of IPA, brown ale, stout, porter, etc., you may want to look elsewhere.

Adroit Theory’s premise is to be cutting edge, targeting the “1-percenters.” There will be a focus on more unusual styles including sours, imperial ales, barrel aged brews, and more. The idea for Adroit was formed out of a passion between husband and wife team Mark and Nina Osborne. They have spent the past few years visiting breweries across the country (including a few nights spent camping out in various breweries’ parking lots) and learning the skill of crafting beer at Siebel Institute. Now they will be bringing their passion and beer to the people.

At the outset, they plan to brew small batches (as small as 1-2 barrels at a time) and release them to brewery visitors, taking their comments to refine the recipes. There are plans to bottle and keg, and who knows there may be a brewpub potentially down the road as well. Until 2013, you can keep up with Adroit Theory by checking them out on Facebook and Twitter. Hope you’re all as excited to taste something new as we are!