Lagunitas?  Meridian Pint? Skiing?  Two of these three things seem to fit together quite nicely.  The third seems decidedly out of place both on this list and in the District in general.  The key word here is “seems,” as the fine proprietors of the Pint have found a way to intertwine the aforementioned trifecta in a unique, snowy, sudsy way.

On Saturday, February 18th at 3:30PM, head to the downstairs bar at the Pint for a screening of Swift.  Silent.  Deep. a documentary detailing the exploits of the Jackson Hole Airforce, a band of hard drinkin’, hard druggin’, generally hardcore skiers that put extreme skiing on the map.

To accompany the exploits of these O.G.s of the skiing world, Meridian Pint will be pouring beers from one of the most well known innovators in craft brewing: Lagunitas Brewing Company.  Pours will be $2.00 off during the movie, with the opportunity to keep the glassware (mason jar/pint glass) while supplies last.

Check out the tap list below: