The HighBraü Collection recently contacted us to tell us that they had started a Kickstarter campaign to fund their art, which consists of making some awesome portraits using only beer bottle caps (crowns). The brains behind the project are DC artists Matt Brazier and Roy Feinson.

I’ll forego putting their art here, please click on the above to see the digital mock-ups of what they hope to produce. These look pretty awesome.

How did they mock up these images? From the Kickstarter page:

Using a mosaic technique we pioneered called impressionist mosaics, we want to create a series of large scale artworks using nothing but beer crowns. Unlike traditional mosaics which employ cut or bent tiles to create colors and shapes, impressionist mosaics maintain a strict grid structure and use color and texture within the component tiles produce an image. With fastidious tile selection and careful rotation we can create works of extraordinary detail.

The money from the Kickstarter campaign (they’re trying to raise $20,000) goes to “cover the costs of building and mounting the mosaics; including amassing and shipping hard-to-find undamaged crowns, risers and adhesive along with backing substrates and other mounting paraphernalia. We are also building our own special bottle openers that don’t bend the crowns in an effort to collect from local bars and pubs.”

Worth checking out, and depending on if (and how much) you donate, you can get some prints of the images.