It’s almost that time of year, readers.  I know you’ve had your calendars marked, anxiously awaiting the day when you can leave pieces of stained parchment on the mantle so that Ol’ George Washington can shimmy down the chimney and leave you bits of patriotic wisdom by the fireplace.  As that day approaches, I urge you to don your most powdery and stately of presidential wigs and hoist your deepest, roundest snifter to the heavens…

Pizzeria Paradiso’s Barleywine Bash has nearly arrived.

On February 19th and 20th, head over to Pizza P’s Dupont Circle location and imbibe some of the tastiest wines around. Barleywines, of course.  Once the drink only of the wealthy elite, this highly variable and always relaxation-inducing style can showcase both the restrained malty nuance of the old world and the aggressively hoppy angst of the new.

Pizza P has put together an impressive list of these heady brews for your enjoyment.  Comprised of a rotating cabinet (ha!) of 20 different casks and drafts, this high ABV affair is sure to tip the edges of your tri-cornered hat.

The list is below


Pizzeria Paradiso
2003 P Street NW, Washington DC