Editor’s Note: I’ve recently been writing some pieces for On Tap Magazine. From time to time, I’ll post 2-3 paragraph previews of these articles here at DCBeer with a link to On Tap where you can see the rest if you’re interested.

“We’ve just accumulated more and more knowledge, more and more skills, more and more creativity, more and more access to ingredients, more and more knowledge of different brewing processes and their outcomes,” says Jim Koch, co-founder and Chairman of the Boston Beer Company, which produces the Samuel Adams line of beers. Koch caught up with On Tap Magazine for an interview about his newest seasonal, the Sam Adams portfolio, and other topics in craft beer.

“We’re in the midst of an explosion of creativity and innovation,” says Koch, and though he’s talking about his brewery, the same certainly holds true industry-wide. As the craft beer revolution rolls on nationwide and globally, it’s good to hear the face of the craft industry’s largest brewery talking so passionately about pushing the envelope and trying new things with beer.

The brewers at Sam Adams are using the aforementioned skills, creativity, access to ingredients, and knowledge of brewing processes to continue to expand a portfolio of beers that is already one of the largest, if not the largest, nationwide. With over 40 beers in the portfolio, is it getting harder to fit more beers into the rotation and come up with something new?

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