Gordon Strong, author of Brewing Better Beer: Master Lessons for Advanced Homebrewers, will be giving a free talk tomorrow about homebrewing at the Lyon Park Community Center – 414 North Fillmore Street, Arlington, Virginia 22201 from 8-9:30pm. The event is sponsored by BURP (Brewers United for Real Potables).

The talk is free, but is targeted to home brewers that have been all grain
brewing for a couple of years.

From an email:

Gordon will speak for about an hour or so about how to apply some of the popular techniques he discusses in his book. He will use two two
recipes to illustrate hip points, and will go into the reasoning behind the recipes and brewing decisions as well as discuss some of the alternatives. Following his talk, he would like the audience to ask any questions they want, not just what was discussed in his talk.

For those of you that are interested, Gordon will have some copies of
his book. His book will set you back $20. Cash only!

BURP will not be providing any beer. We encourage those of you that come to bring beer to share with your fellow brewers. We will set up a table with some containers with ice for bottled beer. If you would like to bring a keg, you will need to also bring all the necessary equipment to dispense it.

Enjoy the lecture!