Adams Morgan’s The Black Squirrel will be joined by Epic Brewing Company co-owner David Cole this Wednesday, February 1.

Three beers from the Salt Lake City-based brewery will be on tap:

-Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout
-Smoked and Oaked Belgian-Style Dark Ale
-Spiral Jetty IPA

Each of these beers will be paired with a plate from chef Gene Sohn.

Here are the pairings:

Spiral Jetty IPA – pan-seared scallops, potato chip, sautéed spinach and IPA honey blood orange sorbet

Smoke and Oaked Dark Ale – mushroom-stuffed quail, truffle mung bean pancake, micro-sprout greens, Smoke and Oak hoisin glaze

Big Bad Imperial Stout – fried apple rings and Big Bad Imperial Stout chocolate mousse

These beer/food pairings will be available through Saturday, February 4. They can be purchased as a prix fixe or a la carte.