Good morning and happy Friday, everyone! If you’ve been reading at all over the past month (and we hope that you have!) you know that there have been or will be a ton of beer dinners in the month of January and into early February. It seems a ton of restaurants are teaming up with breweries to put on a gastronomic adventure. We’re guilty (in a good way) of this, too, since our 2nd Annual Bootlegger’s Beer Dinner at Smith Commons sold out in under five hours earlier this week.

The theme of this Tell DCBeer is “What kind of beer events would you like to see?” Over the past year we’ve reported on tons of beer dinners, tap takeovers, steal the pint nights, and brewer/brewery rep meet-and-greets. But there’s got to be more out there, right? During the various beer weeks, we see all kinds of creativity come out (Flying Dog’s Putt for Prizes at H Street Country Club from last DC Beer Week comes to mind, for examples), and of course is bringing back the District Beer Hunt later this spring (more on that soon!). There are good examples of creative events out there, but what would the #DCBrews community like to see?

What other kinds of beer events would you be eager to attend? More beer education events? Discussion panels with folks prominent in craft beer? Flashlight tag played with bottles of Fantome in hand?

We’ll open it to you all in the comments, since if our 1K Beer Walk ticket giveaway was any indicator it showed how creative our readers can be. All I know is that I can’t wait for the unofficial National Beer Dinner Month to end, and I suspect many of you feel similarly. Let’s brainstorm some cool new event ideas. If your idea has legs, we might even ask you to help us make it a reality!

Have a great weekend everybody, thanks in advance for your comments!