In a press release yesterday, DC Brau and Pizzeria Paradiso announced that today they’ll be baking 50 loaves of bread to donate to local non-profit Bread for the City, in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

In the release, DC Brau co-founder and CEO Brandon Skall said, “We pride ourselves on not just being a great small business in D.C., but also being good community partners. Using spent grain to make food to feed the less fortunate is one way that we can give back and honor Dr. King, a man that gave so much of himself for the benefit others.”

The release notes:

The baking process starting on Tuesday uses grains from that day’s brewing process to make fresh loaves of bread. Ordinarily, the brewery recycles the grains with farmers who use the material to fertilize their fields. This time, the spent grain will be used to make bread to contribute in support of the 4,985 households that Bread for the City serves each month.

The bread will be delivered tomorrow morning at 9am.

On an editorial note, it’s good to see partnerships like this. I hope this is something that will continue year-round if at all possible.