Thor Cheston, once and future beer director, is going to be teaching another course on Belgian beer at the DC School of Beer at the Washington Wine Academy. Thor, who is planning on starting his own brewpub in DC, is well-known for his exploits as beer director at Birreria Paradiso, Brasserie Beck, and Mussel Bar.

His course at the DC School of Beer will be titled “The Craft Beer Movement in Belgium: Challenging the traditions and pushing the limits”. Here’s the description:

These days, you hear a lot about the American Craft Beer movement, but what about the International Craft Beer scene? Belgian, one of the greatest beer countries in the world, has a burgeoning craft beer movement and Thor Cheston, Belgian beer knight, is going to walk you through these. Like all of Thor’s classes, his passion and knowledge will inspire you to taste beyond the Stellas of the world and explore a world for the true beer lovers.

The class will take place on January 25 at 7:30pm Th course costs $55. No beer list to share with you for the moment, but if I get one, I’ll re-post an update.