Professional sports, especially baseball, are frequently wracked with allegations of steroid or other supplement use. This is a highly controversial topic that some say is ruining the games we all know and love. Well, here’s what I say to them: start taking HGH. Take HGH to the face. As soon as possible. Start Friday, January 6.* And start at the Black Squirrel.**

No, seriously, start taking HGH, Oskar Blues’ special “on steroids” strong ale. HGH, in this case, standards for home grown hops.

HGH is an 8% ABV and 70 IBU Strong Ale juice with hops locally grown at Oskar Blues Hops & Heifers Farm. This is a home grown, high-potency, home-run hitter that is dry-hopped with Amarillo hops and then is finished with a dose of Nugget and Centennial during even more dry hopping.

This is the only keg in the city, so stop by Friday, January 6th and get juiced!

Not into the ‘roid rage route? Some other Oskar Blues drafts will also be on, including Ten Fidy, Dale’s Pale Ale, and Old Chub. Gubna will also be available in cans.

*Do not start taking human growth hormone. DCBeer doesn’t want to hear it if you take this satire seriously and start doing that.
**Seriously, don’t take human growth hormone, kids. It’ll rot your teeth and make you like weird Uncle Mike.