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“Brewing A Revolution” Explores Homebrew in Washington, D.C.

Allow me to steer your attention toward an excellent video, “Brewing A Revolution, Exploring the Homebrew Movement in Washington, D.C.” The video is the product of the hard work of three American University graduate students, John Hussey, George Knowles and Anna Miars. They conceived of, conducted interviews, shot, filmed and produced an excellent multimedia site.

Check out the opening video and get to meet some the great people who fortify the DC Beer Scene with their passion, knowledge and enthusiasm. Our good friend and City Paper “Lagerhead” author, Tammy Tuck, Six Point Craft Ales DMV Representative, Alex Andujar, DC Homebrewers Club Outgoing President, Martin Doczkat, Incoming President, Josh Hubner, and various club members are all featured in the video.

If you scroll below the video you’ll see several more films that the students put together (they spent brew days with club members Mike Tonsmeire and Elizabeth Hartman). One video in particular “Female Fermentationists” does a great service to homebrewing and craft brewing with a distinctively female perspective, amongst other interviewees is Lindsay Miller, Brewer, Baying Hound Aleworks.

All of the segments are worth a watch, highly informative and educational. Anna, George and John should be commended for a job well done and now that their semester is over someone buy these poor graduate students a beer!

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