Flying Dog’s popular coffee stout Kujo is reappearing in DC this week. This 8.9% coffee stout is brewed with coffee from Black Dog in West Virginia. Released last year as just “Coffee Stout,” the beer has a new personality.

“We like to say that Kujo is the savage spawn of two brewing worlds – coffee and beer – colliding,” Brewmaster and COO Matt Brophy said. “But in that collision, it’s important for us to maintain the balance between rich and roasted stout characteristics and the deep, dark coffee notes.”

The beer will be somewhat of a rarity in DC (only 144 cases and 32 kegs total), so get it before it’s gone.

Flying Dog DC rep Tommy Hunter will be serving up Kujo in bottles this Friday afternoon, December 16 at D’Vines in Columbia Heights.

The draft release of the beer will be at ChurchKey on Wednesday, Decmeber 21. Kujo will be served seven different ways. On draft, on draft with nitro, and in five different casks:
1. Kujo
2. Kujo on medium toast rum soaked oak
3. Kujo on star anise
4. Kujo on vanilla beans
5. Kujo on elderberries

So get your coffee fix and head out to try some Kujo. Please don’t blame me if you get bitten.