Sorry for the short notice on this, folks, we just got the word on this one!

Join Smith Commons tomorrow, November 30 at 6:30pm for a dinner with pairings from Michter’s American Whiskeys and Allagash. Five courses, $45, and you can get tickets here.

Here’s the menu!

Allagash Curieux and Michter’s Ten-Year Single-Barrel Rye
served with tandoori-spiced scallop, orange chutney, Pop Rocks

Allagash Dubbel and Michter’s US*1 American Whiskey
served with pork belly, apple, pickled turnip, kimchi

Allagash White and Michter’s US*1 Rye
served with textures of cauliflower

Allagash Dubbel and Michter’s US*1 Unblended American Whiskey
served with foie gras terrine, honey truffle and housemade brioche toast

Allagash Tripel and Michter’s 25-Year Single-Barrel Bourbon
served with Smith bread pudding, Michter’s bourbon sauce