On Wednesday, November 30th at 5:00 pm, Fire Works Pizza in Arlington will tap the first, last, and only Virginia release of Sierra Nevada’s “Raiders of the Last Hops” (Sierra Nevada Beer Camp #58). Fire Works Arlington is the only VA better beer bar to get this beer so don’t miss your chance! Brad from Sierra Nevada will join Mike as he pours Raiders of the Last Hops, Ovila Quad, 2011 Estate Harvest, and 2011 Celebration. Glassware from the brewery is yours to keep when you buy a Sierra Nevada draft.

The star of this release party is a big, bold, wood-aged Imperial red ale, less exotically known as “Beer Camp Release #58.” For those unfamiliar with Sierra Nevada’s beer camp, a helpful metaphor that has been employed is that the experience is akin to getting a golden ticket to tour Willy Wonka’s factory. I think more accurately, getting selected as one of the 20 lucky members to participate in beer camp is like having Willy Wonka choose you, based on your video-submission, working with an Oompa Loompa via email to devise a recipe for a chocolate that you fly to the factory to make that Virginia will only get one of.

Fire Works Beer Manager Mike Berry’s wife, Ali, was lucky enough to win a trip to Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp back in September, where she took part in brewing this Imperial Red ale. While 20 contestants are selected, 10 are selected in state; Ali was 1 of 10 entrants not from California. See her video here.

Contestants worked out a recipe with Sierra Nevada brewer Scott Jennings over email. When they arrived in Chico, they handpicked hops for the beer. The beer was aged with lemon wood and Ali assured me that the hop picking, the variety the campers picked was Chinook, was “totally worth every last abrasion.” So come join us Wednesday as we celebrate the finer things that come from Sierra Nevada’s estate, not to mention the blood sweat and tears of one Sierra brewer and 20 beer campers.