When two local brewers come together this Friday, November 18 at a local establishment to launch their new beer, you might think that their love of craft beer was the only uniting thread between the three. Well, you would be wrong, oh so very, very, very wrong.

DC Brau and Brian Strumke of Stillwater Ales are coming together at Smith Commons to launch NATAS, a Belgian-style imperial porter. This beer was originally called “DJ Love” because Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock of DC Brau, Strumke, and Miles Gray, managing partner at Smith Commons, have all been DJs at some point or another. The name change took on a more demonic slant though.

Traditionally, there are many Belgian strong golden ales and tripels bearing Satan’s name (see, Maudite, for example). This beer is very dark and the brewers thought it only appropriate to have the dark lord’s name spelled backward as the namesake. Incidentally, a press release notes, “the beer name is also a nod to Natas Kapuas, a skateboarder from Southern California in the late 80s and early 90s whose thrashing was super rad and adored by Brian, Jeff and [Brandon] while growing up.”

So how about the beer itself? A press release from DC Brau notes that the beer was “brewed with a traditional high gravity Abbey yeast.” It goes on to say,

At first glance “NATAS” is pitch black in the glass with wafting aromas of burnt sugar and caramelized fruit. The mouthfeel is silky smooth with hints of cocoa. It has a gentle, warming phenolic character that begs for a follow-up inquiry. The hops are used to balance this brew and lend a subtle complexity. The dark lord himself would be proud to serve this hellish offering to his legions of demonic minions.


For those technical among you, here are some stats on the beer:
“NATAS” Belgian-Style Imperial Porter
7.5% ABV
Yeast: Wyeast 1762 Belgian Abbey II
Hops: Gr. Perle, Nugget, Fuggles and Columbus

The beer will be released on Friday night! The brewers will be there, as will Miles, and I think it’s a safe bet the turntables will be spinning as well.