Fire Works Courthouse can’t kick 2 whole casks in 1 night by themselves so tomorrow, 11/8 at 5:00 PM, they are requesting your presence.

Bruce Williams (one half of the namesake of Williams Brothers Brewing Co.) will join Fire Works on Wednesday night making the trek all the way from Scotland. Williams Brothers will be serving their Scottish Joker IPA and Midnight Sun Porter.

The Joker 5% ABV

This premium India pale ale is brewed with barley, wheat, water, hops and yeast with the sole purpose of bringing a smile to your face. A fresh citrusy aroma is met with a bittersweet full flavor.

Midnight Sun 5.6% ABV

This black beer brewed in the porter style uses oats, roasted barley and chocolate malts balanced by a liberal addition of hops. These flavors are rounded out with a wee bit of fresh ginger root.

If you happen to be the not-so-lucky one that kicks either of the casks Fire Works will throw in a $25 gift card to help you pay for some cask ale during your next visit.

This is a rare opportunity to taste some fantastic Scottish brew. The Williams Brothers are two of the most passionate brewers when it comes to re-creating historical ales. Head to Fire Works on Wednesday and enjoy the real ale!