If there was an official food of DCBeer.com, it would probably be buffalo wings. Delicious buffalo wings. Hot, crunchy, finger-licking, bone-gnawing, wonderful wings. The debate about which wings are best is one that many in the #DCBrews community repeatedly engage in. Everyone has their favorites. The best wing always seems to be the one right in front of you, paired with some crunchy celery and cool, creamy, chunky blue cheese.

Is your mouth watering yet?

We need your help. We want to find out who has the best wings in DC. We’re going to try all of our candidates on the same day so that the memory of each wing is fresh in our minds. We’re also going to use a specific rubric, with ratings for multiple categories, to score the wings.

But there’s too many candidates for us to go around to in one day, and that’s where we need your help. Starting today, and running through Friday, we’re going to start the first round of voting on DC’s best buffalo wings. There’s a poll on the right-hand side of the site for you to vote on which venues you want us to include in the second round. You can vote for as many venues as you like! We’ll visit the top six vote-getters!

Once we’ve got the venues for the second round, Andrew and I, along with two special guest judges, will go around to each venue, have some wings, score them, and report back on our findings. We’ll also have a DCBeer.com Tweet-up and buffalo wing eating extravaganza at the winning venue!


Here are the venues that will be in the poll!
The Big Hunt
The Black Squirrel
Bourbon (votes for Bourbon count for both the Adams Morgan and Glover Park locations)
Capitol Lounge
Meridian Pint
Nanny O’Briens
Tonic (votes for Tonic count for both the Foggy Bottom and Mt. Pleasant locations)
Union Pub

So be sure to vote in the poll, and spread the word. Vote for your favorite wings, and tell your friends to do the same! Cheers!