North Coast Brewing Company, producers of such beers as Red Seal Amber Ale, Old Rasputin Imperial Stout, and Brother Thelonious Belgian dark strong ale, among others, will take over the taps at Meridian Pint (3400 11th Street NW) this Thursday, September 8 at 5pm. Co-owner Doug Moody will be in attendance for this event, which will serve as the DC launch of North Coast’s Grand Cru.

Meridian Pint will have 11 North Coast ales on draft and also be taking 25% off of bottles of ’09 Old Stock Cellar Reserve.

The star of the show, however, will be the Grand Cru. According to North Coast’s website, the beer “doesn’t fit neatly into any established category.” The website goes on to say, “Reminiscent of our Gold Medal-winning Twentieth Anniversary Ale, North Coast Grand Cru is brewed exclusively with Pils malt, with an addition of agave nectar in the kettle. It’s subtle, complex, and lightly hopped with a deceptive 12.5% ABV, and aging it in oak gives this unique beer an extra dimension. The result is really champagne-like.”

Doug Moody will be on-hand to talk craft beer, North Coast brewing, and whatever else you care to engage him in. If you drop by, be sure to say hi and let him know how great the DC craft beer community is!