Tonight, Wedneday, August 17th from 5pm on, be sure to stop by the Old Town Pizzeria Paradiso for some delicious imports. Check out this great list:

Cazeau Tournay Blonde – 7.2% Belgian Farmhouse
Cazeau Tournay Black – 7.6% Belgian Stout
Emelisse Espresso Stout – 10% Dutch Stout w/ Espresso
Emelisse Russian Imperial Stout – 11% Dutch Stout
Emelisse Rauchbier – 6.2% Dutch Smoked Beer
Houvebrouwers Toria – 6.5% Belgian Blonde
Sint Canarus Tripel – 7.5% Belgian Tripel
Hof Ten Dormaal Amber – 8% Belgian Farmhouse
Hof Ten Dormaal Blonde – 8% Belgian Farmhouse
‘T Gaverhopke Extra – 12% Belgian Quadruple
‘T Gaverhopke Koerseklakske – 5.5% Belgian Saison
‘T Gaverhopke Singing Blonde – 9.2% Belgian Blonde
Hantverksbryggeriet Kosacken – 7.5% Swedish Stout
Stillwater/Mikkeller Our Side -7.5% Gypsy Saison
Cask: Stillwater Cellar Door – 6.6% White Sage Saison

All beers $4 from 5-7pm, $8 from 7-close.

Sounds pretty tasty. Not officially part of DC Beer Week, since it’s in the Commonwealth, but with a list like that, does it really matter?