Here is a piece of news that should kick off your weekend quite nicely. is reporting that Founders Brewing will bottle their ultra-rare and unbelievably delicious Canadian Breakfast Stout. For those familiar with the breakfast stout series from Founders, the Canadian edition is considered the crème de la crème and thus far has been released in very limited keg-only quantities.

There has been some confusion about what Canadian Breakfast Stout actually is, but I believe the following is accurate: This beer is Founders Breakfast Stout aged in Kentucky whiskey barrels that were previously used by a small maple syrup producer to age syrup. The beer is then aged underground in the town’s local mine. So ultimately, the beer is a breakfast stout brewed with Sumatra and Kona coffee beans that has been aged on maple and whiskey soaked wood.

CBS will be released in 750mL bottles both at the brewery and via limited distribution, probably this fall starting in September, according to BeerNews.

While we shouldn’t expect to see a ton of this in the DC metro area, it’s possible that some of the craftier beer stores will secure some of these bottles. Expect to pay a premium for the ability to drink CBS at home, but if you’re lucky enough to grab one of these bottles, you’ll be able to lay it down in your cellar and see how it ages, something that hasn’t really been possible with its draft-only status in the past.