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Hello, DCBeer.com readers and welcome to News of the Beer World. I’m Andrew Nations; Tom Brokaw is off tonight. We have a number of stories for you this week that we think are notable enough to share. They’re not all DC-centric, although most are, and none of them deal with wildlife. Still, you should be sure to check out these stories and let us know what you think about them in the comments!

Rule change alarms small brewers via Boston.com

Our Take: Seems pretty clear to me. Now whether it’s being enforced is another story…We’ll keep an eye on this and let you know if anything develops.

Abita joins the can beer movement via NOLA.com


Our Take: Rarely do I have a need to exclusively buy cans. Open, pour in glass, enjoy….same as a bottle, so long as the bottle isn’t green or clear.

Microbreweries Growing Through Shrinkage via Fox News

Our Take: Support local beer!

Stone “forbids” the resale of its latest rare beer, Quingenti Millilitre, via StoneBrew.com

Our Take: “Forbidden”!!! Love the language there, Gandalf. Perhaps “discouraged” would be a better term.

California’s Caffeinated Beer Ban Signed Into Law via Huffington Post

Our Take: Doesn’t California have more important things to work on?

Samuel Adams Black and Brew Coffee Stout via BeerNews.org

Our Take: Love this style and hoping Sam Adams nails this.

Well that’s it for tonight, folks. Until next time, don’t get caught in your neighbor’s hedge with a half empty beer.

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