Ventnor Sports Cafe will host Long Trail on Tuesday, July 26 at 6pm.

Long Trail, which has been making serious in-roads in the DC craft beer market as of late, as evidenced by their increased visibility on tap lines and shelves in craft beer establishments, will feature at least four beers at Ventnor Sports Cafe.

Beer director Scott Auslander said via email that Long Trail will be bringing, at the least, the Long Trail IPA, Belgian White, Pale Ale, and Double Bag Strong Ale. Pints of each of these will be just $5 each. There will also be glassware giveaways, among other kinds of swag.

Ventnor is quietly building a pretty reliable craft beer program on AdMo. Between their set-up and Long Trail’s quiet momentum in DC, this is a good stealthy event to hit up and enjoy some tasty Vermont beers!