Tammy Tuck of the Washington City Paper’s Lagerheads column has the scoop today on Capitol City Brewing Company‘s closing of the Postal Square location at 2 Massachusetts Avenue NE near Union Station.

Tuck reports that the chain will open a location in Union Station in October. Until then, you can get your fix of Cap City’s beers at any of these locations:
– 4001 Campbell Ave, Arlington
– 1100 New York Avenue NW

When the new space at Union Station opens, it will not house brewery equipment. All brewing operations for the eventually three Cap City locations and the group’s new restaurant 901 by the Convention Center will be done in Shirlington.

If you’re interested in buying any of the equipment from the Postal Square location, you can check that out here.

Be sure to check out the rest of Tammy’s piece for some quotes from Postal Square brewer Micah Krichinsky. We’ll keep you posted on updates about the Union Station location.