One thing I believe is often overlooked is how diverse our local brewers really are. The mid-Atlantic has a great balance of traditional brewers as well as some that are a bit more experimental. Innovation is great, but striking a balance between different styles of brewers is better.  The idea for our next set of interviews was to ask a handful of brewers from unique brewing backgrounds the same set of questions and see how their responses vary and represent their unique experiences and beliefs.  For the next six Fridays, we will be presenting a new question with responses from all six of our chosen brewers.

This week’s first question to start everything off is: “What do you think is the most underrated style of beer?

Favio Garcia of Lost RhinoWell-made low ABV beers.

Bill Madden of Mad Fox – Kolsch of course!  Check out the RateBeer or BeerAdvocate sites, and you will see crappy scores for Kolsch style beers up and down. Even the award winning ones.

Jonathan Reeves of Port City Brewing – I think that the most underrated style would be the adjunct beer. Now, most folks would think I mean the American lager, but there are other styles like the witbier that involve raw grains. My wit is nearly half wheat and oats, and it is not an easy beer to brew because of this. I also see the adjunct beer as a style that could lend itself to a great deal of experimentation, particularly so as many brewers look toward using local ingredients to make their beer. Until there are local maltings (which I see coming), the locavore brewer will have to rely on native cereals and/or starches.


Ernie Igot of Heavy Seas – I would say the Imperial Stout…maybe because this is one of my favorites.

Matt Brophy of Flying Dog – Or maybe better put, under appreciated: Flanders Red Ale.

Brian Strumke  of Stillwater Artisanal Ales – [Beers that have a ] lack of style….I understand styles and why they exist, but I find it frustrating and limiting on an artistic level to feel that you need to conform within set guidelines.. but a style that I enjoy and is under appreciated is a good pilsner. I just spent a few days in Rome and must have drank 10 liters of Tipo Pils!