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Hello, DCBeer.com readers and welcome to News of the Beer World. I’m Andrew Nations; Tom Brokaw is off tonight. We have a number of stories for you this week that we think are notable enough to share. They’re not all DC-centric, although most are, and none of them deal with wildlife. Still, you should be sure to check out these stories and let us know what you think about them in the comments!

International IPA Day via http://ipaday.eventbrite.com/; Our Take…so this is just like every other day in the craft beer world?

Flying Dog to brew The Fear! An Imperial Pumpkin Ale via Beernews.org; Our Take…it’s only mid July! It seems that pumpkin beers get here earlier and earlier each year. This is just the label approval, but who knows when it will be on the shelves.

Burger King and Sonic experimenting with beer and wine sales via USAToday; Our Take…yep, still not eating at Burger King.

Fan at MLB HR Derby catches home run, saves beer via Deadspin.com; Our Take…was the beer worthy of saving? Either way, you, sir, are the real winner of the home run derby.

Thanks for watching, DC beer world. Nations, soused.

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