Splitskis, Coneys, White Snapper Grillers, and Razorback Reds now meet up with pints, suds, and hops, and malt at DC-3, a hot dog joint located on Barracks Row featuring regional variations of everyone’s favorite bunned food.

While the beer menu is limited by the restaurant’s space (it’s a real hole in the wall if you haven’t been there), DC-3 is currently pouring DC Brau’s Public Ale, the ubiquitous PBR, and McSorley’s Black Lager. Perry Smith, DC-3’s spokesperson, said in an email, “We are starting slow, but plan on adding some selections and making changes on a seasonal basis–our biggest issue is storage as we are a small place with just over 20 seats!”

While it’s easy to understand why a restaurant in DC would pick DC Brau and PBR as two of their beers (the hometown beer and the beer that seemingly everyone drinks, whether in an ironic fashion or not), but the choice of McSorley’s Black Lager seemed strange. Smith notes, “We wanted to offer a darker beer but to also find an alternate to traditional Guinness.  Manager John Wilmott reports that folks are pairing the McSorley’s with our bacon wrapped ‘Ripper’ as well as our Cincinatti Coney dog.”

So far the addition of the beers seems to be going well: “Overall, we are very happy to have added our beer license, and Nats fans have really picked up on the fact that they can get a dog and beer at our place before the game!”

Just goes to show you that venues of all kinds in DC are benefiting from jumping on the craft movement (well, in this case, 1/3 craft since PBR and McSorley’s technically don’t make the cut). Hop in and get a ripper and a Public when you’re next on Barracks Row!