No, it’s not October yet, but Port City Brewing Company is already in full swing with what will be a first for them on many fronts.  Just last week, Port City brewed their first seasonal release, a German Marzen.  Head brewer Jonathan Reeves seems to be pretty excited about this beer and the opportunity to lager for the first time at Port City that it provides. Reeves notes,

The Oktoberfest will be around 13.5 to 14 degrees Plato and about 24 IBUs. All malt will be of German origin. In order of predominance: Vienna, Pils, Munich and some Caramunich for color. This will be on the hoppy end of the style with German Magnum in the boil and Hersbrucker for flavor and aroma. I intend to serve the beer in the “Keller” or “Zwickel” style, unfiltered. We are calling it simply “Oktoberfest,” and it will only be available in kegs and sixtels.


How great does that sound? After visiting Munich last year with my fiancée, we really gained a new appreciation for German lagers and are obviously excited to try this one. We will let you know when and where this will first be available.