Meridian Pint and the DC State Fair are teaming up to put on a two-stage homebrew competition in DC. Details were announced in a recent email from Meridian Pint, which starts, “We are proud to announce a special installment of Meridian Pint’s Home Brewer Match Up. For round four we are teaming up with the DC State Fair for a two-part extravaganza.”

The extravaganza’s first part is the DC State Fair Home Brew Competition:

Between Monday, July 25th, and Sunday, August 7th, home brewers can drop off two bottles (minimum size 12oz, 22oz encouraged) at Meridian Pint, during normal operating hours, for evaluation by official judges. Entrants must specify what they were aiming to produce, either a specific style or a specific deviation, for the judges’ consideration. The top three entrants will win $100, $50, and $25 gift certificates from Meridian Pint, as well as the right to call themselves Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winners of the DC State Fair’s Home Brew Competition.

The next part of the competition is the Meridian Pint Home Brewer Match Up IV:

The top 25 entrants from the DC State Fair Home Brew Competition will then be invited to participate in the official Meridian Pint Home Brewer Match Up IV on Tuesday, August 16th. This event will be part of Meridian Pint’s DC Beer Week event schedule. In order to participate, entrants must be willing to bring one case of their brew (kegs welcome), and must be able to get to  Meridian Pint by 5 PM to set up for a 6 PM opening.


Meridian Pint will supply table space, name cards, glassware, and ice, but brewers will need to bring anything else that they require. At no point will persons under the age of 21 be allowed into the event for legal reasons. If any of the top 25 entrants turn down their spot, it will be offered to the next highest ranking entrant, so please
expect to give prompt responses to your invite to participate, starting August 10th.

This competition will be judged by the public on a “best of show” basis, and the top three entrants for this competition will also receive $100, $50, and $25 gift certificates to Meridian Pint, as well as the opportunity to compete in our end of the year champions competition.

The letter from Meridian Pint concludes, “We’d like to thank all of the home brewers who have helped make this event so successful in the past, and we look forward to your continued support. Don’t forget we always have free 22oz bottles for you to pick up at the Pint!”

Sounds like a pretty good time, so get those brew kettles fired up and brew some tasties; you’ll have plenty of opportunity to win some bar tabs at the Pint if your brew is up to snuff (or quaff)!