Let me pose a quick hypothetical for you, dear reader.

It’s two days before your Independence Day celebration and you’ve agreed to go over to your friend’s house for a few Miller Lites and some burgers. Three beers in three hours, no biggie and you figure you’ll drive ’cause it’s closer. When you arrive to your buddies house he has a guest who has decided to bring three bottles of Three Floyds Dark Lord from 2008, 2009 and 2010. Yes, your buddy has friends who also like good beer. His friend wants to do a vertical tasting and you cannot say no.

Normally, guilt would kick in and you’d have to back out because after all you’re driving home. BUT, fear not intrepid reader, you can call SoberRide at 800-200-TAXI and get a ride home free of charge. With a number of participating cab companies, SoberRide is the best way to enjoy your Independence Day weekend. On behalf of all of us here at dcbeer.com, enjoy your holiday weekend responsibly (or don’t, just make sure you call a cab!).