One of the more common questions we get concerns the availability of certain brands within the Washington, DC metro area. As both a tourism and business destination, DC  hosts a variety of thirsty beer drinkers who often wonder, “What can I get here that I can’t get back home ?”

Our answer to that question is simple. We’ve created a list of all the known brands with distribution in our area. This list will be updated as necessary and always appear on the right-hand side of the site.

Each brand will be listed alphabetical with its availability to the right. For example; “Founders – DV” is available in DC and Virginia, but not Maryland. You get the picture, we’re sure.

Here are a couple  things to remember about our list:

-As many of you know, DC has some interesting laws that allow vendors to purchase directly from producers if said beer is not offered through normal means of distribution. I call attention to this as it would be nearly impossible to keep up with who is procuring beer via these means.  Popular brands like Lost Abbey, Russian River, and Surly will not be on this list until they enter our market the traditional way.


– We will strive to keep this list 100% accurate, but in reality we know that this will be a challenge. Believe me, this is a good problem to have. Thanks to the numerous fine distributors in our area! Be sure to let us know if you spot any errors.

We may change this in the future depending on feedback and usability. We always welcome comments on how to make better so please feel free to get in touch. For now, enjoy the new feature and go try something new now that you know what’s here!