It’s a pretty widely known fact in the DC craft beer community that the P Street Whole Foods has a pretty excellent selection of bottles and cans. Their beer department wants to introduce you to some tasty summer beers. To that end, this Thursday, June 23, from 7pm-8:15pm.

Here’s their description: “Lazy, breezy summer porch beers; cool and enticing like a beach blanket or green lawn picnic. Randy Kuczor, our beer buyer and expert-extraordinaire, will guide you to some awesome summer beers. From River Horse’s Blondes, Schlafly’s Lagers to Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy Ale and so many more…we’ll be tasting al fresco out on the patio (weather permitting) as well as sampling some of our artisanal pizzas.”

The tasting costs $20 and registration is required. To register, email Tim Hayes at