While Epic Brewing Company is fairly new to the DC Market they have already created a foothold within Virginia and the District’s craft beer community. One of the first to carry Epic, Fire Works Pizza in Arlington have proudly served Copper Cone Pale Ale, Spiral Jetty IPA and Brainless on Peaches for several months now. With an incredibly diverse portfolio (over 26 ales and lagers in their lineup!) Epic has been able to walk the walk with Great American Beer Festival and North American Brewer’s Association medals.

Head over to Fire Works next Tuesday, 6/21, for Epic’s beer dinner starting at 7:00 PM. Tickets are $75 per person (includes gratuity) and seating is capped at 30. Email courthouse@fireworkspizza.com for reservations. The five-course meal will feature five pours of some of Epic’s best:

Dish: Sliced Orange Salad with Red Onions, Fried Capers, & EVOO

Pairing: Copper Cone Pale Ale

Dish: Pork BBQ Pizza with Tri-Color Pepper Slaw


Pairing: Hopulent IPA

Dish: Assorted Sushi Rolls with Wasabi & Daikon Slaw

Pairing: Sour Apple Saison

Dish: Caramel Smoked Short Ribs with Goat Cheese Polenta &

Belgian Ale Jus

Pairing: Smoked & Oaked

Dish: Caramelized Peaches with Champagne Gelato & Vanilla Glaze

Pairing: Brainless on Peaches

All of these ales are sure to make a bold impression on your pallet and a tip of the hat goes to Beer Director Mike Berry (and Hop & Wine Beverage) who selected five beers from Epic’s “Elevated Series” and “Exponential Series.” The Sour Apple Saison, Smoked & Oaked and Brainless on Peaches are all part of Epic’s limited run with only 1,800 bottles released. For the last two barrel-aged ales (Smoked & Oaked in whiskey barrels—Brainless on Peaches in French Chardonnay casks) Chef Frank Mayo has pulled out all the stops with what is sure to be a decadent final course and a dessert that stands up to the complexities of Brainless on Peaches. Don’t miss out on this EPIC opportunity!