Two Brothers is located in one the best beer towns in America and one of my personal favorites. Just a short drive west of Chicago lays a 50 barrel brewhouse cranking out beers that if you will hear about soon if you haven’t heard about them already. Two Brothers was founded in 1996 and is a result of a hobby turning into a passion. Two Brothers has continued to grow by adding more fermentation tanks, upping production, and expanding distribution to over a half dozen states.

Location: Warrenville, IL

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: No

Beer #1: Domaine DuPage  (Bier de Garde, 5.9%)


Beer Advocate: B+ (383 Reviews)
Rate Beer: 82 Overall, 85 Style

Notes: The Bier de Garde style is not exactly bursting with popularity right now, but it is a beautiful style.  Similar to a saison, this beer is clean, subtle in flavor, and an all-around great session beer.

Beer #2: Cane & Ebel (Rye Beer, 7%)

Beer Advocate: A- (510 Reviews)
Rate Beer:  97 Overall, 83 Style

Notes: The Rye Beer category has always puzzled me. It’s a bit vague and really only accounts for the comparatively large amount of rye in the beer.  Cane and Ebel should be a medium body and slightly spicy beer with a moderate amount of hop assertiveness. For those not familiar with the taste of rye in beer, this is a good one with which to get acquaintedwith the style.

My only experience with Two Brothers was a pleasant one when I landed Hop Juice as an extra in a trade. The Chicago market is an above average beer town full of educated beer geeks. Their support for Two Brothers is indicative of this brewery’s past, present, and future. Two Brothers is high on my list to try this year.

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