Trinity Brewhouse Brewpub sounds awesome and appears to be what The Big Hunt would look like if it were a brewpub. Relaxed and casual atmosphere with great craft beer. I suppose that’s what I’m usually looking for most of the time anyway. Established in 1995, Trinity Brewhouse is in Rhode Island and has grown to become the largest brewery in the state.

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Type: Brewpub

Available in DC Market: No

Beer #1: Decadence  (Double IPA, 10%)


Beer Advocate: A- (4 Reviews)
Rate Beer: 98 Overall, 37 Style

Notes: Lots of citrus and tropical fruit notes derived from the large amount of hops used throughout the brewing process. A slightly sweet big DIPA that should go down smoothly despite the big ABV.

Beer #2: RIPTA (Tripel, 10.5%)

Beer Advocate: A- (1 Review)
Rate Beer: 98 Overall, 98 Style

Notes: A bit of a weird name for a beer but this one is tribute to the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority and also stands for Rhode Island Pale Triple Ale. Yeah, sorry, we got nothing here.

While we know little about Trinity, SAVOR offers a great opportunity to try a few beers most of us would never have tried before. Let’s see what Rhode Island has to offer.

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