Summit Brewing Company claims to be “a more meaningful brew” and has been brewing since 1986. What does that mean? Well, for starters they are one of the most progressively green breweries in the world and have implemented multiple mechanisms to reduce water , energy, and waste consumption. Their focus continues to be on honoring classic brewing techniques and styles while upholding the brewing traditions of the Midwest.

“ I have no balance in my personal life, so I need it in my beer!” – Mark O. Stutrud, Founder and Brewmaster

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: No


Beer #1: Summit Gold Sovereign Ale (English Pale Ale,6.3%)

Beer Advocate: B (43 Reviews)
Rate Beer: 79 Overall, 89 Style

Notes: English Pale ales tend to be a little less hoppy than American pales and are, of course, made from all-English malt, hops and yeast. The result is a clean a session ale with moderate bitterness. Gold Sovereign pays tribute to this traditional style and should be one of the better session ales of SAVOR.

Beer #2: Summit Pilsener (7%)

Beer Advocate: A- (510 Reviews)
Rate Beer:  61 Overall, 87 Style

Notes: I’m not going to use this as forum to go off about how breweries should lager beer. Not again, at least. It’s true though. You know it and I know it.  This Czech Pilsener is crystal clear with great head retention and a crisp finish. Czech pilsners tend to be a bit spicier than other pilsners so I’m curious to see how this will pair with the Hot Smoked Pepper Salmon

SAVOR is a good opportunity to try beers from larger breweries that prefer to grow slowly and that have not yet entered our market. Summit is one of the oldest breweries in town this weekend and should be ready to show us what they are made out of.

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