Hype is a funny thing and something we try to stay away from. Occasionally, however, we can be as giddy as a Justin Bieber fan five minutes before show time. Smuttynose doesn’t really get the attention they deserve. For example, their IPA, particularly the Big A IPA, is one of the best East Coast IPAs out there and can go toe-to-toe with anyone’s, but it is not exactly blowing up the Twitterverse. Smuttynose is a New England staple that is often overlooked.

Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: Yes

Beer #1: Star Island Single (Belgian Pale Ale, 5.1% ABV )


Beer Advocate: B (251 Reviews)
Rate Beer: 46 Overall, 42 Style

Notes: This one sounds to be a bit of a miss for most people.The myriad flavors seem as if they don’t quite mesh well together. This style covers a wide range of flavors, but a lot of renditions seem to lack cohesion and have a thin mouthfeel. I have heard good things about this beer though so I’m eager to try it for myself and to promote sessions beers in general.

Beer #2: Robust Porter (5.7%)

Beer Advocate: A (811 Reviews)
Rate Beer: 99 Overall, 100 Style

Notes: Porters are not Russian Imperial Stouts. I’m sure I’m the first beer drinker to point this out.  I mention this because porters are supposed to be medium bodied dark ales. Smuttynose’s Robust Porter is a great example of this style and doesn’t leave you feeling like a blimp after just one. Plenty of roasted malts, chocolate, with a slight bitterness and great mouthfeel. This not too big and not too thin porter is going to pair well with the coffee rubbed pork loin.

SmuttyNose might be the Tim Wakefield of craft beer. Everyone knows his name, but they often forget he has a World Series ring, a Cy Young and more wins than any other active pitcher.

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