Name: Harpoon Brewery

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: Yes

What you need to know: Harpoon is celebrating its 25th year of brewing this year, which makes it one of the elder statesmen of the American craft brewing world. Just because they’re old(er) doesn’t mean they aren’t learning new tricks though. They’re at beer number 37 in their 100 Barrel Series, which is where they’ll be doing limited releases of 100 different kinds of beers. They’ve recently put out an oyster stout, a maple wheat, and an oak-aged dunkel, among others. If you’re a malt fan, you’ll be loving Harpoon during SAVOR because they’re bringing two very malt heavy beers.


Beer #1: Harpoon Leviathan Uber-Bock

Notes: Leviathan Über-Bock is brewed in the tradition of Bock beers from Einbeck, Germany, the native land of the Bock style.  Using wheat malt and Munich malt, this beer has a deep copper color and a solid backbone to support the 9% ABV.  Perle and Saaz hops complement the German Bock yeast’s robust body and malty character.

Beer Advocate: B (6 reviews)
Rate Beer: N/A (requires more ratings)

Beer #2: Harpoon Munich Dark

Notes: Harpoon Munich Dark is a blend of dark malts that creates a deeper hue than some other beers brewed in this style. The grains which create a malty chocolate-like flavor also add a warm malty nose that mingles with the subtle hop aroma. This medium bodied beer is balanced quite well with a moderately bitter hop finish.

Beer Advocate: N/A
Rate Beer: 81 overall, 97 style

Summary: Harpoon makes some very tasty beers. The 100 Barrel Series has been mostly hits (though there have been some misses). There aren’t a ton of breweries that are bringing two malt-forward beers to SAVOR, so if your proclivities run that way, be sure to stop by!

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