While not quite within the DMV, Evolution Craft Brewing Company is most definitely on the short list of hometown heroes at SAVOR this year. Though only two years old, Evolution has made quite a name for itself by brewing both innovative and classic styles. This is no easy feat brewing in the state that birthed another well-known craft brewery. Their “Mainline” beers are each an excellent representation of the styles (Pale, ESB, IPA, Porter and Stout); their seasonal offerings are also excellent. The Jacques Au Lantern pumpkin ale was the most popular pumpkin ale at this year’s Das Best Oktoberfest at the National Harbor. With the brewery expanding and likely releasing sour ale in mid-2012 we expect BIG things from this young brewery.

Location: Delmar, Delaware

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: Yes

Beer #1: Migration Spring 2011 (Golden Strong Ale/ 10 % ABV)


Notes: There isn’t a ton of info out there on this one except that it is a barrel-aged golden ale. SAVOR bills it as a “Strong Golden Ale” while Brewmaster Geoff DeBisschop has called it a “Golden Strong Ale.” Beyond semantic discrepancies here’s what we know: this ale has been aged in Cruzan rum barrels for seven months. Any ale that spends seven months in the wood is going to get some serious oak characteristics. Look for the fruity, oaky notes to round out the salty caramel and the delicate sweetness of roasted apples in the caramel apple hand pies.

Beer Advocate: Not Available
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Beer #2: Rise Up Stout (Foreign Extra/American Stout/ 6.7 % ABV)

Notes: I’ve heard some call it Foreign Extra Stout. Others call it American Stout. I’ve even heard some call it Coffee Stout. Call it what you will, after one of these you’ll be calling it damn tasty. The slow-cooked coffee rubbed pork loin will have a creaminess that will highlight the rich mouthfeel, caramel and roasty notes from the stout. This pairing is a match made in coffee shop heaven.

Beer Advocate: A (13 Reviews )
Rate Beer:
83 overall, 52 style

Tom Knorr, founder of Evolution, makes sure his ales are crafted so that epicureans can pair a specific flavor profile with a great meal.  With only 100 cases of the Spring Migration released across the DMV and Delaware you’d be silly to miss this offering. Also, be sure to head to ChurchKey on Monday for the Syndicate Saison, a collaboration between Evolution and 3 Stars Brewing Company.

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