Name: Nebraska Brewing Company

Location: Papillion, Nebraska

Type: Brewpub

Available in DC Market: No

What you need to know: Nebraska Brewing Company is a brewpub in the town of Papillion, Nebraska, a suburb of Omaha that was named the #3 place to live in the United States in 2009. You have to think that having a great brewpub is contributing toward that ranking. With 8 taps, and a rotation of 13 beers (including 4 in the impressive reserve series), it’s easy to get your thirst quenched. For a small brewpub, they sure have won a lot of awards. This bodes well for them at SAVOR, this is the perfect storm: lots of awards, lesser-known, out-of-market. WOO!


Beer #1: Black Betty

Notes: This is an imperial stout aged in Stranhan’s whiskey barrels. The resulting beer is complex with a big thick mouthfeel. Smoke, roast, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and bourbon all come together with a significant herbaceousness from the hops. This isn’t an imperial stout that skimps on the hops (83 IBUs). Sounds like this will be pretty similar to Goose Island’s Night Stalker.

Beer Advocate: A- (3 reviews)
Rate Beer: N/A (more reviews needed)

Beer #2: Hop God

Notes: This one is very exciting to me. A cross between a West Coast IPA and a Belgian tripel. The description that the brewery gives says that there are notes of “tropical fruit,” which makes me hopeful that they use Citra in this beer. At 9% and 101 IBUs, this is likely to blow your face off with flavor and deliciousness, but don’t expect to be tasting much nuance after it.

Beer Advocate: B+ (28 reviews)
Rate Beer: 93 overall, 80 style

Summary: Walk, don’t run, to this booth. Period. BOOM. Also, if you want to pretend you’re Johnny Depp from Blow and sing Black Betty while drinking Black Betty, I’ll buy you a beer.

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