Name: Big Boss Brewing

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: No

What you need to know: Big Boss was started in 2006 and began shipping beer in 2007. Something I like about Big Boss from their website is they say they’re “a beer drinker’s ‘house brand’.” That resonates with me somehow. The idea of a reliable, well-made, tasty beer that satisfies the craft beer fan. Be sure to check out the event they’re doing with ChurchKey on June 1!


Beer #1: High Roller

Notes: This is Big Boss’s IPA. It uses hops from the Pacific Northwest, and is dry-hopped three times to get an intense hop aroma and flavor. The hops are balanced out by a sweet, caramel maltiness which keeps this from turning into a hop bomb. Should pair very nicely with the stromboli at SAVOR.

Beer Advocate: A- (1o reviews)
Rate Beer: 84 overall, 52 style

Beer #2: Monkey Biz-Ness

Notes: This is a Belgian strong ale weighing in at 9%. This is the fourth in their “Monkey” series. Ginger, banana, citrus, and Belgian spiciness all come together and pack a serious flavor punch. This beer is “aged for months” to mellow out the heat of the alcohol and to make sure the spices all come together.

Beer Advocate: B+ (6 reviews)
Rate Beer: N/A (more reviews needed)

Summary: Big Boss is part of a North Carolina beer scene that is absolutely exploding. I’m very excited for their ChurchKey event because they’re bringing a bunch of beers, including a Belgian Black Raspberry which sounds delicious. As for SAVOR, the High Roller doesn’t sound like it’s going to be much different from a lot of the IPAs out there, but the Monkey Biz-Ness sounds very intriguing. There aren’t a lot of “Belgian Strong Ales” at SAVOR; tripels, sure, but those are separate than the strong ale style. Sounds tasty!

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