Name: Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company

Location: Kiln, Mississippi

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: No

What you need to know: Like so many other craft breweries, Lazy Magnolia was born out of founders Mark and Leslie Henderson’s initial homebrew hobby and eventual homebrew obsession. Lazy Magnolia is the only brewery in Mississippi and brews itself as “Mississippi’s Brewery.” Seems like a good claim to make. Craft beer may not have taken off in the south the same way that it has in other areas of the country (we see less craft beer bars, breweries, etc. down there), but it’s nice to see breweries like Lazy Magnolia and Diamond Bear (in Arkansas) leading the charge in their respective states.


Beer #1: Southern Pecan Nut Brown Ale

Notes: Lazy Magnolia believes this is the first beer brewed with whole roasted pecans. It’s very lightly hopped to let that roasty, nutty flavor come through. At only 4.5%, this is a full-flavored brown ale whose flavor profile is a little different than the normal brown because of the nuttiness. This is a tough one to brew because of the high oil content of pecans, but Lazy Magnolia has really pulled it off.

Beer Advocate: B+ (351 reviews)
Rate Beer: 76 overall, 79 style

Beer #2: Indian Summer

Notes: This is an American-style wheat beer that sounds like it mimics a lot of characteristics of a traditional witbier. It has coriander and orange peel additions that aren’t meddled with by heavy-handed hopping. This is a nice, crisp summer beer, but perhaps doesn’t have the oomph or gravitas that you’re looking for at SAVOR.

Beer Advocate: B- (95 reviews)
Rate Beer: 48 overall, 85 style

Summary: I like breweries like Lazy Magnolia; they’re outposts of craft beer in areas where there really isn’t a full embracing of full-flavored and creative beers. Mark and Leslie Henderson seem to have put together a great operation down there, and I’m looking forward to stopping by and having a Southern Pecan at SAVOR. Now if only they were pairing it with pecan pie…

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