Left Coast is the type of beer I look for when traveling: small, independent, and a great example of the local lifestyle.

Left Coast Brewing is the production arm from the immensely popular Oggi’s Pizza chain in southern California. With over 15 locations throughout Southern California, Oggi’s has been brewing since 1995. Their production efforts started in 2004 and quickly gained popularity among locals.  Left Coast is the type of beer I look for when traveling: small, independent, and a great example of the local lifestyle.

Location: San Clemente, CA

Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: No

Beer #1: Trestles ( IPA / 6 % ABV )


Beer Advocate: B+ ( 7 Reviews)
Rate Beer: 88 overall, 48 style

Notes: This is a curious pick to bring to SAVOR as it doesn’t appear to be their most popular IPA. That fact aside, Trestles is a balanced IPA with a conservative amount of hops, comparatively speaking, giving off a full range of piney and citrus notes. I’m hoping we get a super fresh batch for this year’s event. In the uber-competitive field of IPAs, fresh is the only way to set yourself apart.

Beer #2: Voo Doo (American Stout / 6.8 % ABV )

Beer Advocate: B ( 6 Reviews )
Rate Beer: 90 overall, 83 style

Notes: Voo Doo has a big beer taste but without the exuberantly high ABV. This is something I’m personally glad to see. This stout pours a jet black body with a nice espresso colored head and boasts all of the great qualities that one expects in a good stout. Loads of chocolate and coffee are derived from the various malts and there’s a sight bit of smoke in the finish. The SAVOR team has paired this with “Stout Meatballs,” a “mix of ground beef and pork with a hearty stout glaze.” Umm yeah, not sure that’s gonna work. Should be interesting at the very least.

I’ve mentioned it before, but having access to these smaller production breweries and brewpubs is one other the reasons that I love the SAVOR lottery system. I’m curious to try these guys out. Their popularity is something I’m guessing is hard earned per the high level of breweries within close proximity.

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