Name: The Brewer’s Art/Old Line Brewers

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Type: Production brewery/brewpub

Available in DC Market: Yes

What you need to know: The Brewer’s Art is a restaurant in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore that offers a seasonally changing gourmet menu and a bevy of fine beers, which are often incorporated into the food menu. The Brewer’s Art produces primarily 750 mL bottles for distribution, which you have probably seen on shelves in DC and tasted at a variety of DC craft bars. Old Line Brewers is the brewery side of this operation, so don’t get confused at SAVOR if you see Old Line; just think “Brewer’s Art” and “good beer” and you’ll be fine.


Beer #1: Le Canard

Notes: A strong Belgian pale ale, this beer has a nice biscuity malt and Candi sugar backbone. The Belgian yeast and hops play together to give a variety of fruity flavors, including some pineapple, kiwi, and even apple. A little thin on the mouthfeel for an 8.5% beer, this is a beer that is great for savoring (no pun intended) and sipping, so take your time with it if you can afford to do so, at SAVOR, or otherwise.

Beer Advocate: B+ (48 reviews)
Rate Beer: 90 overall, 71 style

Beer #2: Green Peppercorn Tripel

Notes: A ton of green peppercorns gives this beer a very peppery, spicy finish in the midpalette that goes well with the spiciness from the tripel yeast in the finish. Green peppercorns aren’t for everyone, unfortunately, so this may be hit or miss for a lot of people.

Beer Advocate: A- (81 reviews)
Rate Beer: 95 overall, 93 style

Summary: If you don’t get a chance to hit the Brewer’s Art table at SAVOR, be sure to stop by and try their wonderful food and beer at the restaurant in Baltimore during your next trip up there. The food and beer pairings and synergy are incredible and should not be missed.

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